Blocked at the third hurdle

Writers block has plagued me for years, ever since I put pen to paper to work on my first novel. There are a number of hints and tips out there on how to overcome it, but to be honest I’m not sure if there is any hard and fast method of doing so. It’s not for lack of inspiration – I have a folder full of ideas that are just begging to be worked on. At the minute I am working on writing the third part of a trilogy, and the best way I have found to get motivated is just to write the bits I can “see.”

The first two parts seemed to flow so easily, but the main thrust of the third part is finding a major event to move the characters on to a finale that needs to be BIG – a final conclusion to a long journey that needs to be epic and satisfactory, concluding everything the characters have worked towards. I can see the final scene very clearly, plus a few key bits in the middle, but I’ve been getting hung up on the connecting bits that I still just can’t see. So I have just written the parts that I can, in the hope of knitting them together when it starts to fall into place. It might not be the most conventional way of writing a novel, but I have spent too long staring at a blank sheet of paper to not give it a try. It seems to be working so far…


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