Something spooky

“It occurred to me – for the first time, as if I was finally waking up – that I was a murderer. A mass murderer.”

As today is Halloween I thought it only fitting to start with a quote from one of the most famous horror writers there is. I have read several Stephen King novels, but strangely enough one in particular that has stuck with me is a little known (in comparison to his other works) short story called Everything’s Eventual, the title story in a collection published in 2002. It’s an extremely creepy tale about a teenager with a terribly frightening power – no blood and gore, no dead bodies, no big moments that make you jump with fright. Just a boy paid $70 a week by a mysterious company to do terrible things.

Another reason I liked this story so much is that King wrote it after seeing a strange image in his mind; an image from which this strange and eerie story blossomed and grew. I often get inspiration for stories from single thoughts or images like that. The foreword to the story reads:

“One day, out of nowhere, I had a clear image of a young man pouring change into a sewer grating outside of the small suburban house in which he lived. I had nothing else, but the image was so clear—and so disturbingly odd—that I had to write a story about it. It came out smoothly and without a single hesitation, supporting my idea that stories are artefacts: not really made things which we create (and can take credit for), but pre-existing objects which we dig up.”


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