Re-working a classic

Since the news breaking yesterday of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm and announcing their intention to make another three Star Wars films, there has been a bit of an outcry from fans of the original trilogy, who are all mainly agreeing that making episodes seven, eight and nine would be a terrible idea.

Beloved novels can also suffer similar situations. There have been several books written in recent years that have used characters from classics – Wuthering Heights, Rebecca, Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre to name a few. People will read them because we are all desperate to hear more from the characters we fell in love with the first time we read about them.  But usually these new adventures leave us strangely unfulfilled.

  1. They can never capture the essence of the original, no matter how good the writing is.
  2. We all have our own secret thoughts and ideas about what happened to these characters either before or after the original novel – it puts us off to read something that is different from our own ideas of what happened after they all lived happily ever after. Do we want someone new to tweak the characters and fill in the gaps? Did the gaps need filling in in the first place?

I can understand why Star Wars fans might be nervous about a new company (particularly Disney) resurrecting a story that by all accounts was wrapped up years ago. But I can imagine that they will all be in cinemas watching Episode Seven in 2015 (and I will probably be with them) – because we hope Disney will prove us wrong, and because we can’t resist another twist in the tale, even at the risk of spending the next few days/weeks/years complaining about how bad it was.


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  1. Anji says:

    Hello, I for one am looking forward to the new Disney star wars lets face it they can’t do much worse than George Lucas himself with episodes 1,2 and 3.
    I would also like to add that I very much enjoy reading other peoples ideas on what might have happened next to characters in well read novels as you know I am a huge fan fiction fan and have read several, that were personally better than the original. I’m thinking of J K rowlings work and Stephanie Meyers in particular! Ha ha I know you don’t like FF but honestly some is good! (mine is anyway!) X


  2. It’s not that I don’t like FF, I just haven’t read anything that I thought lived up to the original. Maybe its because I haven’t read any that were inspired by modern novels (the examples above are the ones I have read, which are all classics). If you can recommend some good ones I will definitely give them a try (though nothing Twilight related please!)


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