One book too long?

Some years ago I started writing a fantasy story that was partly inspired by historic maps (which always seem to look “other-worldly” to me) and partly by current news items of certain countries occupying others. Different cultures, brought together in times of conflict, naturally struggle to find an equilibrium, and I began to imagine what that might be like if spread over several different communities, who in the past had been so isolated that it made it even more difficult for them to accept each other, even after realising they have a common goal.


As I continued writing, I suddenly realised that the story I had begun was bigger than I thought at first. I suddenly found I had material enough for a second book, and then a third. It will stop at the third (of this I am sure), but from the initial idea it just kept expanding and expanding.

I have read several series of books that I have come away from feeling that they were at least one book too long (sometimes more) – Harry Potter for example, and the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. I wouldn’t want to run that risk, but this story just seemed to grow of its own accord. Now I just need to work on getting it finished.



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