Complex connections – part two

In my novel Beneath the Surface, there are three characters that help the protagonist, Maria, achieve her goal – to stop the takeover of the human race. To further explore the stories of these three characters, I needed to go back in time (or forward in time, depending on the point of view).

One of these characters is known as Crash. The name has several connotations, the simplest being that he’s good at fixing computers. Crash doesn’t speak, as a result of a childhood trauma.  In the further exploration of his story, the reader finds out he communicates though letters, mainly to his brother, who uses a wheelchair. He takes his silence with him to the new world – it is the only part of his old life, his old self, which he has left. He has lost everything, which is why he is so eager to try and change the past, and do everything he can to help Maria.

The others don’t really know much about the trauma he suffered as a child, as it is something completely unrelated to the global change that mankind suffered in the original story told in Beneath the Surface. But the other characters do know that Crash gave Maria the most important thing – he gave her her identity.

“I felt myself changing quite a while ago. You probably noticed, but you never said. I felt the change, but it passed, and I knew then I had become what General Randall wants us to all be. I have become part of the new world, strong and powerful. But I still have to watch you suffer. I have to watch your condition become worse and worse. Again I seem to have escaped the hardship. First Maria died, then our parents suffered so much pain. You did too, and they told me you would never walk again. But I was spared. Why? Is God keeping me safe for some reason? If He is, I can see only one explanation for it. He wants me to take care of you. And then, when the time comes, He wants me to keep your memory alive.”



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