What’s in a title?

How much attention do you pay to chapter titles? I don’t think they are required or even appropriate for every book – sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t – but I have realised that whether relevant or not, I barely pay any attention to them while reading. Not nearly as much as I do when writing.  When writing my own book I spend probably a little too much time trying to come up with a good title for each chapter that really sums up the essence of what that particular section of the story is about. But is it worth it?

This is one of my favourite chapter titles, even though I usually prefer them to be short and snappy, almost poetic. This is neither, but it certainly sums up the essence of the chapter.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin


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  1. Anji says:

    Hearts in Atlantis has chapter titles like the above. I liked it x


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