Revival of an old favourite

Date: 1st January 2013

Calories: Thousands

Books for this year: Featuring Singletons, Smug Marrieds and turkey curries

Seventeen years after first meeting Singleton Bridget Jones, we greet the new year with the news that Helen Fielding will be releasing a new novel about Bridget’s turbulent love life towards the end of 2013.

I really liked the original novel – I found it funny, sad, cringe worthy and all too real. The basis of the plot on that of Pride and Prejudice gave the book another layer, which I really liked (and which I think was unfortunately lost in the film adaptation to some extent with the casting of Colin Firth, the original Mr Darcy).

I did like the sequel, The Edge of Reason, but found it not as endearing as the original. Perhaps it was because Bridget had found love – there was somehow something more appealing about the character when she was single, though I don’t like the fact I seem to like seeing her unhappy (well not really unhappy; more unfulfilled). The moment she finally found love and the lead up to it was more entertaining than what came after, in my opinion at least.

So what of this new adventure for Bridget? She was very well settled at the end of the last book. What will her 21st century life be like, compared to the mid 90’s, wine guzzling, 30-something existance that we first met seventeen years ago? I’m looking forward to finding out.



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