Mantel does it again

The winners of the Costa Book Awards were announced this week, making even bigger news with the fact that all five categories were won by female writers (the categories are Novel, First Novel, Biography, Poetry and Children’s Book). Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies has once again been successful after winning the Man Booker Prize at the end of last year (I really should read it, shouldn’t I), but an interesting article in the Telegraph states that when the overall winner is chosen from these five books, the accolade should in fact go to the winner of the Children’s Book category, Sally Gardner’s Maggot Moon.

I liked the way Gardner described the win as “the most phenomenal experience since becoming a full time writer – Maggot Moon is a book I’ve always wanted to write and Standish has been waiting to be written for years. It is thrilling that the story now stands defiant in the world. It is a great honour to have won this award, and for me, it goes towards proving the power of dreams.”

It’s interesting to see children’s books put together with adult novels in competition for the same prize, and I’m intrigued to see who will win in the end. I also like the inclusion of graphic novels as well – the Biography award was won by one such novel, Dotter of Her Fathers Eyes. I will certainly be keeping an eye on the results, due to be announced at the end of January, with five such different books in the running.



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