Joe Hill’s Cloud Atlas book club

One of the next books on my To Read list is Horns by Joe Hill. Hill, son of writer Stephen King, writes an entertaining blog which I wish he updated more often (though I’m not a fan of deliberate spelling mistakes).

As another fan of David Mitchell and Cloud Atlas, I was interested to read his views on the upcoming film adaptation and find they are similar to mine – looking forward to it but wondering how the film makers will do it justice. Hill will have seen the movie by now – I wonder what he thought of it?

I was also intrigued by the idea of a read along book club – everyone stopping their reading at a certain page, discussing the book as you go, seeing the changes in how people feel about certain characters and events in the story, collectively wondering what might happen next. Quite a different experience to discussing a book once everyone has finished, knows what happens, and has formed opinions about it.

If I push myself I might be able to squeeze in another reading of Cloud Atlas before the film is released in the UK….



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