Murakami bingo


As I wrote about the author Haruki Murakami last week, discussing the reasons why I haven’t started reading 1Q84 yet despite having owned it for over a year, I thought it would be good to mention his birthday today. I still haven’t started reading it by the way, and I have also realised I have another one of his books sitting on a shelf that I haven’t read yet either – Norwegian Wood (though to be honest I think I must have just forgotten it was there rather than having deliberately saved it for a special reason).

When I finally start reading 1Q84 I will most certainly be using this edition of Murakami bingo (illustrated by Grant Snider) – if you’ve never read one of his books before, you’ll see from this image that his novels are an eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful and the distinctly average.

“All right, then, I thought: here I am in the bottom of a well.”

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle



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