Dan(te)’s Inferno

Dan Brown whipped the literary world into a frenzy this week by announcing the news that his latest novel, Inferno, will be released in May. It will be the fourth book to feature symbologist Robert Langdon, who will once more romp around Europe decoding cryptic mysteries, this time connected to the 14th Century poem Dante’s Inferno.

Like millions of others, I was sucked into the world of Dan Brown after the release of The Da Vinci Code. Though not the best book I’ve ever read, I found it entertaining, full of twists and turns, and to be honest I do enjoy a bit of religious controversy. Immediately looking for more of the same, I then picked up one of Brown’s non-Robert-Langdon novels, Digital Fortress. I probably reached about a 9 on the disappointment scale, and unfortunately I would go as far as saying it is one of the worst books I have ever read.

I don’t often go back to an author after reading something so terrible, which could of course be quite a bad thing, as I suppose I am potentially missing out on some good reads. I never would have picked up The Da Vinci Code had I read Digital Fortress first. But I avoided the last Brown frenzy in 2009, surrounding the release of The Lost Symbol. So the question is, should I give him another chance? Have you ever been put off an author after reading a bad book? Is it worth persevering, at the risk of disappointment, when you know there are so many other potentially brilliant books out there that you could better spend your time reading?



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