Potential successes for 2013?

I picked a list of books at random from titles which have either been or will be released this month. I was interested to see what kind of variation the books of 2013 would have to offer so far. My list includes one book from each of the following genres:

  • ·         Contemporary fiction
  • ·         Non fiction
  • ·         Young adult
  • ·         Children
  • ·         History
  • ·         Thriller
  • ·         Sci Fi
  • ·         Fantasy

I have never only been stuck to one genre of book (though I do go through phases of reading books from the same genre sometimes), so I like to have a variation of reading material to choose from. These titles are new for the new year and haven’t yet been validated by critics or bought in their millions by the public. And so, just like going to the library and picking up a random book from a random shelf, or going to a Book Club and getting a recommendation for a novel you’ve never heard of, having a random list of new books could perhaps provide some interesting reading of one variety or another. Who knows if any of these will be looked back on at the end of the year as being major triumphs, or whether they might be more quietly praised, or whether they turn out to be unable to become any less obscure than they are now?

The stories in these books vary greatly, as you might imagine, with witches, humans catching computer viruses, the signs of the Zodiac, murder mysteries, a Glasgow housing estate, a mysterious island, decoding the brain of Sherlock Holmes, and a young model from a Degas painting. If you are interested to hear more about the books I have picked, just let me know. I will return to this list in twelve months and see if I managed to inadvertently pick out some big hitters…



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