Passionate about libraries

There is still a lot of talk at the minute about the proposed closure of several libraries in the area where I live, and also across the country as well. I know that libraries have changed a lot over the years and aren’t used for the same reasons as they used to be (though everything has to change with the times), but this article really paints a picture of a small, local library that seems to have one foot in the past and one in the future.

It’s a bit sentimental in places, and perhaps looking through rose tinted glasses a little too much, but what I liked the most about this article is the thought of an author who is now well known amongst readers and writers alike going back to the places that inspired them to write; the places they first discovered reading and what made them think that this was what they wanted to do, not necessarily to be rich or to be well known, but just because they wanted to.

Libraries aren’t a lifeline to me as they are to some people, so I perhaps don’t share all of the opinions expressed in this article, but there’s no denying that these are real people who feel passionate about this cause.



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