Where does inspiration come from?


In my experience, inspiration comes from many different places. So I started thinking about what inspires me to write, where ideas come from, and how and where inspiration struck for authors of some famous novels.

The work of JRR Tolkien has many themes that have been endlessly debated and influences can be seen from many different places – fairy tales, mythology, medieval history, religion, Tolkien’s military service, and the English countryside where he spent so much of his time. But, as this article explains, the initial flash of inspiration came almost out of nowhere; from a blank page begging to be filled with interesting words. And from those ten words, The Lord of the Rings was born.

“[I remember] the actual flashpoint. I can still see the corner in my house in 20 Northmoor Road where it happened. I’d got an enormous pile of exam papers there and was marking school examinations in the summer time, which was very laborious, and unfortunately also boring. I remember picking up a paper and nearly gave it an extra mark, or extra five marks actually, because one page on this particular paper was left blank. Glorious! Nothing to read. So I scribbled on it, I can’t think why, ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit’.”



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