The book you wish you had written

I’ve spoken to a few people about their favourite books, and always found it interesting when they say “It’s the book I wish I’d written.” I wonder if everyone has a book like that? I wonder if even well known and successful authors who have written dozens of books still read things and think Wow. If only I’d thought of that idea.

There is one book that made me think such thoughts – The Time Travellers Wife. Not that this is my favourite book or that I think its better than everything else I’ve read, but I just appreciated the huge amount of work that must have gone onto making it possible as a novel. I know if I put that much work into something I would be very proud, and so for that reason it is a book I wish I had written. Which books, or authors, make you think the same?


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  1. Anji Dawson says:

    i certainly don’t wish i had written my favourite book because then it wouldn’t be such a wonderful surprise and i’m fully aware that i couldn’t write anything that well; so if i tried to write it i’d probably ruin it.

    I’m glad you didnt write the Time Travellers wife because i didn’t like it, your book is better.

    i wish i could write like Susanna Clarke.


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