Authors and co authors part 2

I have written about the possible plus points of authors using co-authors to help them write more books, complete novels and simply meet the demand for more reading material. So what about the downside?

To me, this kind of writing seems to be all about two things – the brand and the profits.

  1. The brand: What, in these situations, are the publishers actually selling? Are they selling books written by a certain author, or are they selling the brand that the author represents? If it is merely a name that sells the books, it seems it doesn’t really matter who wrote them. Is that what writing, and reading, is all about? I want to read a book written by an author I enjoy, not by someone else. If I wanted to read a book written by someone else, I would buy one.
  2. Profits: Does quality or money matter more in this case? Where is the rule that says authors, no matter how popular they are, should churn out dozens of books every year? Is that what it’s really all about? I know that authors and publishers need to make money in order to stay in business and ensure books continue to be published, but is this the way? Slapping a popular name on a book = instant sales. How is this quality controlled?

I think it all comes down to what people think is more important. This article describes the process of writing in a specific way – coming up with the ideas is apparently the most important pat, and doing the actual book writing is described as the “donkey work.” In my opinion, it is that donkey work that shows how much heart and soul an author gives that initial idea; nurturing it and forming it into a real story over days and weeks and months. How many people out there have come up with a fantastic idea for a novel, and how many people out there have put the work into actually writing it?

I guess people place importance on different things. What’s more important to you as a reader who will invent time and money in a novel – getting the genuine article, or getting more books to read, no matter who does the donkey work and who puts their name to it? I know what matters more to me. And I know that if I really like a particular author, I don’t expect them to churn out novel after novel at my convenience. If a reader is a true fan, they should be happy to wait for the real thing, no matter how long that might be.



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