Going through phases

EDITED: This post was edited and shared in May 2016 after yet another accidental reading phase, this time on the subject of vampires, as highlighted in the image to the right.

I have been wondering of anyone else goes through phases – either reading lots of books by the same author that aren’t part of a series, one after the other, or reading several books on a row that are of a similar theme or topic. I try not to do it so much any more, particularly when it comes to consciously latching on to one particular author and reading everything they’ve ever written, until I either get bored or come across one bad book that puts me off. I used to do it quite a lot when I was younger. From King to Koontz to Cookson to Grisham to Blume to Harris to Elton to Picoult…. The list goes on.

And then there are the books of similar theme or subject matter – sometimes this happens by accident (sometimes not), and before I know it I have read half a dozen books that all seem to be about the same thing. Twins, for example. Or nurses in the First World War. Or Roman history. Or Eastern culture. Currently I have been in a heavy dystopia phase, which seems to be progressing onto a vampire phase.  Here are the two books I’m reading at the moment (The Passage and Let The Right One In), and two from the TBR (Part 3 of the Thirst series, and Book 9 in the Sookie Stackhouse series).

Do we, sometimes subconsciously, just stick to things that we know we like? Is that ok, or is it just a little bit boring? What really draws us towards reading certain genres?



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