Making time to be bored

I’m really interested by the notion of where inspiration comes from. For me, it comes from all sorts of different places, from landscapes to stories in the news to pretty much anything really. So this news story today really intrigued me, as I suppose it’s something I had never really thought about before – inspiration coming from boredom.  Here it is discussed by an education specialist, Dr Teresa Belton, who puts across the view that children are often pressured to be constantly active, but that this could in fact hamper the development of their imaginations.

So the more I think about it, the more I can identify with it. A moment of inspiration can strike when the mind is blank. For me, sometimes, a blank mind can really prompt me into writing something, possibly because ironically I like my mind to be occupied. But I also think writers sometimes put pressure on themselves to always be creating, and if they haven’t written a certain number of words or don’t have anything tangible to show for their days efforts, they feel like they’ve cheated themselves somehow. But I have passed hours just thinking and planning, starting out with a blank mind and perhaps only writing down two or three words.

And even this has come from deliberately setting out to use that time to just think. What about those times where you find yourself at a loose end, with not much to occupy yourself? True moments like this, for me at least, are hard to come by. People always claim they have so much to do; that they are too busy for this or that. Perhaps, as this research suggests, we should make time to be a little bored. It could lead to something great.



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