Desert Island Books 5: Beneath the Surface


This might seem a bit egotistical, but there was no way I could come up with a list of books to take to a desert island and not include my own published novel. After all, there may not be another one…

Beneath the Surface is a story set partly in modern day America and partly in the future. It is the story of a woman called Maria, who comes from a small town, who always wanted to better herself but never thought anything particularly special would happen to her. However she suddenly finds herself thrust into the centre of a government conspiracy, led by a man working towards the genetic alteration of the human race into powerful alien hybrids. At first, Maria doesn’t realise the sheer scale of the events she has become involved in – it appears that only she, her boyfriend Spencer, and a handful of other residents of their small town have been affected by the body altering DNA. But before she can fully understand what’s happening to her, something goes wrong. Spencer goes too far and commits a murder in order to keep their secret. From that moment on, there’s no turning back.

Beneath the Surface

When I first saw my novel in print, it was a little strange, though wonderful of course. Part of me never thought it would see it happen – it seemed like such an impossible dream. But another part of me just looked at the book and thought about how natural it was, like I was always meant to see a book on the shelf with my name on the cover. It didn’t seem so amazing; it just confirmed something I always knew would happen.

I’m not finished with Beneath the Surface yet. I have plans to write a sequel, which could also be considered a prequel – I have spoken before about the confusion surrounding this, and the issues involved in writing about time travel. I would also like to convert the manuscript into an e book format. I think it would translate well onto the screen, and I have looked into the possibility of hiring a screenwriter.   All of this sounds very ambitious, but then so was the notion that one day someone would like my book enough to want to publish it. For now, though, I’ll settle for being a little egotistical, and say that there’s no way my Desert Island Books could be without Beneath the Surface.



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