More work to be done

Today I have been discovering what needs to be done in terms of formatting to make my novel compatible for Kindle publishing. As anticipated, there is quite a lot to do, but there is a lot of information out there to help both published authors looking to re format their work, and would-be writers who will be able to start their writing process in the correct layout required by Kindle. Its probably going to be quite an arduous task, involving aspects of word processing I have never used before, but it will no doubt be worth it.

I will be starting with my published novel, Beneath the Surface, and hopefully soon it will be uploaded to amazon. And after that, who knows? I have two finished parts of a fantasy trilogy that I might just look to format as well. As with many other aspiring authors out there, this could be the best chance to get a good audience for my work. I have written here before about the pros and cons of this publishing method, but for now, on a personal level, I am only looking at the pros.



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