Judging a book by its cover


Designing a book cover I imagine is as much of a skill as writing the book the cover depicts. I found it quite difficult when trying to come up with an image for the cover of my published novel, Beneath the Surface.

Beneath the Surface

This short film about the cover of Nathan Filer’s novel The Shock of the Fall is interesting. It seems obvious that everyone involved in the cover design should read the book in question, but I have once or twice read novels where I have thought that perhaps the people in the marketing department didn’t fully understand what the story was about when they decided on the cover image. As discussed here, the cover is the first thing that draws you to a book, both in shops and online, and it must be considered in its entirety, right from the image to the font to the spine of the book to the back cover. The back cover, of course, is where the blurb is, the next thing that a potential reader will look at. Perhaps not as important online, but in the world of physical books, it certainly helps if the blurb is presented in an attractive way.

These are a few of my favourite covers. I like them for different reasons; either they are intriguing or simply pleasing to the eye. Which best (or worst) book covers can you think of? What makes them so appealing (or off putting?)

Some book covers I like




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