Dan(te)’s Inferno – the reviews are in

So the eagerly anticipated latest book by Dan Brown, Inferno, famed for locking translators in a basement for several weeks to make sure the book was ready to be sold in several countries in time for the release date, has finally hit the shelves. I must admit, I wasn’t one of those queuing at some ungodly hour to get my hands on one of the first copies.  But there are clearly some eager fans out there who no doubt have already finished it.

I like the descriptions used by professional reviewers when it comes to Dan Brown, with quotes such as “his ambition wildly exceeds his ability,” (Daily Telegraph) and “bilge, but one hell of a page turner” (Daily Mail), or some such variation of these often being cited when he writes a new novel. I would have to agree. I have said before that I have struggled to read another Brown book after the disaster that was Digital Fortress, but part of my thinks I should just be like these reviewers – his writing style isn’t exactly fantastic, but that doesn’t mean he can’t write a story that includes interesting subject matter and hold the reader’s attention for several hundred pages. I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, after all; a moniker of “of fast-paced plotting and dubious prose.”

I will never concede to the opinion that Digital Fortress was even “ok.” But perhaps I will give Inferno a try.



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