The perils of time travel

This image scratches the surface of the possibilities involved when writing a story that features time travel. I have been thinking about this recently in connection with my series of posts – Complex Connections – in which I have been discussing my ideas for a sequel to my published novel, Beneath the Surface. Firstly, I’m not sure whether to call it a sequel or a prequel, since the events in this new story technically happen in the five years after the events in Beneath the Surface, but also it could be argued that the actions of the characters in Beneath the Surface mean that these things from the new story would never have happened. But they did happen, otherwise the characters and their actions in the original story could not have happened…

So. Undoubtedly confusing. But, confusing in a good way I think. It simply means the possibilities are endless, as long as you can get them all straight in your head….




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