The Book Club Collective

I have been thinking about sources of inspiration while trying to write the opening chapter of our Book Club Collective novel. I agreed to start the process, whereby we all write a chapter and see what different directions the original story ends up taking.

I’ve always found it a bit daunting to think about people I know reading my work. I don’t know why. I’d much prefer a stranger to read something I had written, perhaps because of a fear that someone I know might secretly think it wasn’t very good, but is too polite to say so. So I have been going through my long list of ideas and trying to decide if any of them will be worthy enough to be developed into something for my fellow Book Clubbers to firstly read, and then add to.

I think I might have finally settled on a good starting point for this collective novel. It had to be something engaging, but not too revealing, with enough ambiguity to allow future contributors to pick up on the elements that interest them, and be able to change them to suite their ideas for the story. I can’t quite remember what inspired me to come up with the character of Mr Moon, but I think he is ambiguous enough to allow the next person to take up the pen to hopefully make the story their own.



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