How are you writing today?


Today I have been writing quite emotionally. It has been quite a long road for me to write the third part of my fantasy trilogy, and currently I am working on some of the climatic final scenes. I have written before about how this story has expanded over time, turning from one story into three, wih the entire world I originally created growing and changing until I barely recognised it myself.

I have also discussed the struggles I’ve had with writers block while writing this final part, and how I have been focussing on writing those scenes I can really “see,” fully formed, and try not to worry about those I just can’t seem to work out. One such scene that I can clearly see is one of the final ones of the book, featuring a big revalation, amongst other things. So really, despite the fact I’m currently writing one of the final scenes, it’s still quite a long way from being finished. But in many ways it is still quite emotional – as a writer, you are so invested in the characters you create, and coming towards the end of a long piece of work can feel quite strange. It’s not quite like saying goodbye, because you know you will never really let go of them. But there is something about knowing that you are bringing their story to a conclusion that can feel quite poignant.

Even so, there is still a way to go before it’s finished….



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