Book Club – Wonder

Firstly, a confession. I didn’t manage to finish this book before our meeting, so the following comments are based on the opinions of my fellow Book Club members. It was, however, interesting to listen to the comments, as I realised that my perceptions of what this book would be like were quite different from the reality.

Wonder is the story of a young boy, August, born with a facial disfigurement, who has been schooled at home by his parents, but who now must face attending a regular school. Firstly, for me, I hadn’t realised that this was a young adult book, so hadn’t expected it to be narrated in part by August himself, and also by other children in his life, from siblings to potential friends to bullies. The general consensus was that this jump between narrators made the book much more manageable – had it been solely focused on August’s point of view, it might have been too much to take, though he definitely seemed to still be everyone’s favourite character (though it seemed difficult to have picked anyone but him).

Because it was a YA book, and because of how it was structured, it was declared as a fairly easy read, albeit it with a fairly predictable ending. It wasn’t really the predictability, though, that put people off the ending slightly, but more the fact that it was a bit over the top, if you know what I mean (not meaning to be rude, but the word “Americanised” was used more than once.)

Overall, however, this book seems to have been enjoyed by all who read it. My only excuse for not doing so was the fact I have been kept busy writing the first chapter of our Book Club Collective novel. I will have no such excuse next month, particularly since I have chosen the next book.




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