One word inspiration

Today I had a flash of inspiration while reading a news article online, when one word jumped out at me and stuck in my head – hikikomori – a Japanese word that to me conjured up all sorts of images and ideas for characters. A story started to form in my mind, but after my lengthy post a few days ago about short stories, I tried to work out first of all whether my ideas would be best formed into a full length book, or a shorter piece of fiction. I have fallen into the trap before of trying to make an idea fit into a format that it simply wasn’t right for, and I think that in this case, a short story would be best.  

So, another idea to add to the pile of ideas… In my short story post a few days ago, I did challenge myself to make sure I actually use some of them and get a few short stories written by the end of the year. With this one being fresh in my mind, perhaps it can jump the queue and be the next one from the pile to become a fully fledged piece of creative writing.


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  1. Anji Dawson says:

    There’s a good ‘short story’ if you will in World War Z about Hikikomori. x


    1. I have just started reading World War Z so might leave it for a while until I have written my short story.


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