Sexy turned scary

Thanks to the 1995 TV adaptation, this scene of Mr Darcy emerging from the lake has become one of the most famous scenes in literature to grace the screen. You may not have read the book, but most people have certainly seen this. It was recently voted by viewers as their favourite scene from a television drama. However, if you have not seen it, or indeed read it, this frightening spectacle might just be enough to put you off.  Made of fibreglass and unveiled (or emerged) in London’s Hyde Park, it stretches12 feet out of the water and will soon make its way to the country estate in Cheshire, where the scene was filmed.


Lead sculptor Toby Crowther said: “The challenge for us was capturing the spirit of Darcy as handsome and noble but also aloof and proud. The Mr Darcy sculpture is a real mix of the many portrayals of Jane Austen’s most famous hero.”

I’m not so sure…


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