Complex Connections part 8

I have been using this series of posts to discuss my novel, Beneath the Surface, and the planning of a sequel (or prequel, depending on your point of view – the perils of writing about time travel). This follow up will further explore the background of some of the characters from Beneath the Surface who helped the main protagonist, Maria, achidve her goal – preventing the alien takeover of the human race. I also want to introduce some new characters, to further emphasise what effects the takeover will have (or would have had, if it had gone ahead – again, the perils of time travel).

The last character I want to profile here isn’t a new one, and although he did feature in Beneath the Surface, he was not one of those who helped Maria. The actions of the character of Genedal Randall directly opposed her, as he was in charge of the group of military personnel that orcastrated the takeover. He is the villain of Beneath the Surface from Part Two onwards, and I knew that if I wanted to write a series of stories about characters who are trying to come to terms with the effect of the alien takeover, I would have to include something from his point of view. This will provide balance – some characters are morally good, some are innocent, some are selfish – but Randall has an insight into the takeover that none of the others ever could.

However, I also think that the reader should learn more about General Randall in a specific way – in this story he is a military leader and the one in charge of a new regime, and this makes him a sort of celebrity as much as anything else. Such a man would use propaganda to get as many people on side as possible, with things like pamphlets, news articles, speeches, and his own autobiography, telling his side of the story in his own words.

“It was two months after I started writing my extensive autobiography when I first noticed the website posted on the internet by a group of so called “rebels.” I had to laugh. Rebels! What could they possibly hope to achieve? After my initial good humour, however, I did stop and think about the fact that they were using the internet, a system for which I was responsible, to contact each other. I had made sure the World Wide Web still functioned properly, and it was being used against me! Whether the rebels we able to achieve anything or not was inconsequential. It was the principle of it all!

And the lies they wrote about me! It was outrageous! That I was evil, that I had turned the world upside down for my own gain, that all I wanted was power and didn’t give a damn who died in the process. It shocked me in a way. How could they think such things? I had worked for nothing but the good of all mankind- I had made them immortal, and this was the thanks I got! It saddened me more that people couldn’t see the potential behind the gift the Aliens and I had given them.

Even now, more than a year later, after they started that pathetic attempt at war against me, I am still not convinced they understand what it means to be a hybrid. They obviously can’t see the world the way I can, and the way so many others seem to be able to.”


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