What’s in a word?

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The Edinburgh Book Festival has now come to a close, and as an end note, here are some of the authors at the festival discussing some of their favourite words. Having a favourite word is a strange thing, as it is difficult to explain why you might like one in particular over any other. The following are the words I like the best out of the ones provided by the authors in this article: discombobulate, labyrinth, and mnemonic.

Some other personal favourites of mine are onomatopoeia (virtually impossible to spell), frangipani (is it food? A plant? Perfume? A polite word for something indelicate?), and humongous (it isn’t quite huge, and it isn’t just enormous. It’s both).

What are your favourite words?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anji Dawson says:

    I like the word Trypsinogen, no idea what it means something to do with Biology. I heard it doing my Alevels.


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