The trilogy concludes

I am currently working on completing the third part of a fantasy trilogy I started some time ago. It didn’t start out as a trilogy, but as I was finishing the first (which at that time was to be the only) book, I knew that there was more of a story to tell. The tale then grew of its own accord, and only now am I on my way to finishing it.

Something I was quite conscious of when moving onto the second and third parts was the notion of an expanding world – the story had expanded for me, and so I want the reader to have the same experience. One of the main themes of the story is that the characters come from a very insular world that is suddenly opened up and then continues to grow, little by little, as they discover truths behind lies and find places that they never knew existed. For the reader, each book explores a new part of this world, so the setting is constantly changing. This has made it a pleasure for me to write – always using my imagination, putting myself in the shoes of the characters, conveying what it feels like for them as they make these new discoveries.

I’ve written before about the inspiration behind these novels; partly inspired by historic maps (which always seem to look “other-worldly” to me) and partly by current news items of certain countries occupying others. I like books that include some kind of visual representation pf the world they are set in – maps, family trees, etc, and this map was one of the first steps I took when planning my own story. It makes it easier to see the journey the characters take. You can also see where I have had to expand the drawing by going onto another page – clearly more space was needed for something I hadn’t anticipated.


As I come towards the end of writing this trilogy, and look to the next steps, I hope to write more about it on this blog, and perhaps get some opinions on the stories and the characters.


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