Doctor Sleep arrives

Big news today for Stephen King fans – 36 years after the publication of The Shining, one of Kings most famous and well loved novels, he has finally written a follow up. Doctor Sleep picks follows Danny Torrence into adulthood – the boy who spent that fated winter in the Overlook Hotel, from which his father never returned. Danny possessed a telepathic ability unknown to his parents, which caused him to see the frightening ghosts and other visions that haunted the hotel, which slowly took over his father Jack. This interview King gave to the BBC highlights why he’s worried about whether or not todays audience will be as scared as those who read the original novel, and why he disliked the equally as famous film adaptation, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Stephen King - Doctor Sleep cover

Like many people out there, my first thought when I heard that King was writing a follow up to The Shining was – I have to read this book. In some senses, it didn’t really matter what the plot of the story entailed. There are some books that just seem to gave this effect, particularly ones that are a follow up to a brilliant stand alone novel, which no one expected would ever have a sequel, especially not more than 30 years after the publication of the original.

No doubt a review will soon follow….


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