Re-discovering an old favourite

The Last Slice of Rainbow

Have you ever experienced the frustration of being unable to remember the name of a book you once read? Recently I have been desperate to remember the name of a collection of short stories I read as a child, but it has been difficult, particularly as I had no idea who it was written by (or even if it was one author or multiple), when it was published or by whom, or even any vague recollection of the words in the title.

However, after I finally admitted defeat, the magic of the Internet brought me my answer. After doing a search using the words “book boy dream stolen tooth fairy,” the title I’d been searching for was suddenly right there in front of me. Funny how obvious it seems when the search is over, though I don’t think I would ever have come up with the title The Last Slice of Rainbow based on those words. It’s no longer in print, sadly, but I am compelled to buy a second hand copy.

It helps in the search, of course, if the words used to describe the story are quite unusual (my other option was “book boy legs carried away butterflies”). Some of the other novels I can’t quite remember sound a little too generic to yield a good search result. The quest to find them continues…


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