Where does inspiration come from?

A while ago I wrote a post about the power of the unanswered question – how such a thing can provide wonderful inspiration for a story or a character. The post itself was inspired by photographs; firstly of a ruined manor house I came across while walking, and secondly of suitcases filled with possessions that belonged to long forgotten inmates for an abandoned asylum in New York.

Willard Suitcases

Often, for me, it is history that provides such inspiration. But after I reading the weekly email I receive about developments in science, there were a couple of headlines that caught my eye that really struck me as great catalysts for stories.

“Gold found in leaves of trees leads to hidden deposits”

“A step forward in the creation of artificial blood.”

The second one sounds a lot like something that might have inspired Charlaine Harris, author of the True Blood series. The first headline immediately brings to mind one particular unanswered question that I think would make the basis of an interesting story – what if money did really grow on trees?


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