Best Book To… make you cry

The Big Ugly Monster


Although many books have made me cry over the years, this short book immediately sprung to mind when I started thinking about this post. I first came across it when it was read aloud, line by line, passed from person to person at a training session I attended through my job. By the time we got to the last page, half of the room was in tears. The discussion afterwards included several weighty topics such as identity, loneliness, friendship, what we need to make us happy, and what the stone rabbit represents. But another big question this book posed was whether or not we would feel comfortable reading it to children. I would recommend you read it alone, through the tears, before attempting to read it aloud.

Which books have made you cry?


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  1. Anji Dawson says:

    Stormy Weather by Debi Gliori is another childrens book which i guarantee will make you cry, or maybe it only works if you have a baby. Neither me or Stuart could read it all the way through. I might recomend it to Mel lol.


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