Best Book To… confuse you

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

In my seemingly endless mission to finally read 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, it struck me that perhaps I might subconsciously be too aware of the fact that when I do attempt it, I will probably end up being thoroughly confused. This has led me to seek out what I seem to be a “perfect time” to start reading it – no distractions, and several hours available for me to fully absorb myself in the story and work my way through the inevitable confusions. It is highly likely, however, that this perfect time does not actually exist, so I think I just need to sit down and open the book to page one…

My confusion last peaked when reading this – another one of Murakami’s novels, but it was confusing in such a good way, it means I know I will enjoy 1Q84, when I finally manage to read it.

Which books have you found confusing (in a good way or a bad way)?


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