Best Book To… call a guilty pleasure

The Rag NymphNothing rude here please… I’m talking about books that are easy to read, probably quite predictable, that you might not necessarily admit to others that you actually quite like. It might be a book that you have described as “so bad its good.” No doubt this category will elicit a completely different response from everyone – one person’s favourite trashy novel will be another’s worst nightmare, probably for the same reasons.

I think sometimes fantasy and science fiction novels are considered a bit of a guilty pleasure, which is ok in some cases, but I don’t think it is a genre unworthy of genuine praise. So for my pick I have selected something about as far from fantasy/sci fi as you can get. Catherine Cookson novels are worthy of reading in their own way, and although I’m not sure I would recommend them (mainly because I think everyone who would want to read them probably already has), I have to say I did enjoy most of the ones I have read. Because she wrote so many, which often followed a formulaic plot line, her novels are pretty predictable – not a trait I would usually look for in a novel, but in the case of the heart warming novels written by Cookson, it somehow doesn’t seem that bad.

Which books or authors would you consider a guilty pleasure?


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