Writing review of the year

From reading to writing – now is the time to reflect on what I have written this year; what I have achieved, and what I hope to do in 2014. Last year I have written for this blog as much as anything else, which has been informative, interesting, motivating, and enjoyable. I have used it to reflect on my own writing practises and find out more about the techniques used by others, and the third part of my fantasy trilogy, which I had been stuck on for some time, is finally starting to take shape. But I haven’t progressed as far with it as I would have liked, and a writing goal for me this year is definitely to get it finished. Watch this space for updates; no doubt there will be several along the way.

I have also written a couple of short stories over the past few months. I have been wondering if I should make a New Years Resolution to focus on only one thing at a time – to not be writing several things at once. I tend to do this, always have, so such a resolution might be a good idea. But I believe that inspiration sparks at exactly the right time, and when it does, you have to grab it with both hands, before it fizzles out. If that means stopping one thing to start another, then so be it. The hard part, then, is going back and finishing the first thing, before the spark fizzles out of that as well. That, I think, should be my real aim for 2014.


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