How are you writing today?

311121_10151253995937661_1137828453_n[1]Today I have been writing (and reading) quite reflectively, going over parts one and two of my fantasy trilogy story as I write part three. It’s an interesting exercise as well as a productive one; mapping the journey of the characters, seeing how they have changed and how my writing has changed with them.

As I come to the conclusion of this story I have also been reflecting on how much work has gone into it, both physically and mentally – due to my method of writing longhand first and then typing up for the second draft, my work can sometimes take up quite a lot of space. There are the notebooks I have filled so far, with the red notebooks I used to write part one looking a little old and worn now. The smaller notebooks are the ones filled with planning notes.
Parts One Two and ThreeLooking at it like that, I have suddenly realised how methodical I apparently am. But I suppose if it works, why change it? Though I am slightly scared now at the thought of counting exactly how many notebooks I have in total…


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