Best Book To… Read in a spare 5 minutes

Neil Gaiman Fragile Things

I have been thinking about this while reading the next Book Club book, which is this short story collection by Neil Gaiman. It’s been a long time since I read such a compilation, and I’m really enjoying it. Not only are the stories really good (and don’t get me wrong, I could read this any time), but they are just the right length to allow me to read one when I have a little bit of time to spare (ok, they probably take a little more than 5 minutes to read, but you get the idea). Having a spare 5 minutes usually means I read a few pages of my current book and then promptly forget all about it, meaning I have to go over it again the next time I pick it up. A short story is different, and perfect for those moments when I’m waiting around for something to happen (usually for the beep of the oven timer) and can’t resist picking up a book.

Which books do you find best to fill a spare 5 minutes?


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