Books to movies – 2014

from page to screenLabor Day; 
The Monuments Men;

Winter’s Tale; Vampire Academy;

A Long Way Down; Divergent;

The Fault in our Stars; The Hundred Foot Journey;

The Giver; Dark Places;

This is Where I Leave You; The Maze Runner;

Gone Girl; Unbroken;

Wild; Serena

So how many of these have you read? This is a list of 16 books, compiled for Buzzfeed by Arielle Calderon, that have been adapted for the big screen and are due for release in 2014. Is it better to read a book before seeing a film? This is a question I have asked before, and really it comes down to personal preference. There are some books I will never read, and I know I never will, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the movie adaptation.

A few books on this list fall into that category for me. The total number of titles on this list that I have read is a big fat zero, but I now have several titles to add to my to read list. As films I think I would be interested in seeing all of them, but in terms of reading I have picked 7 that I think I would like. Reading a book is quite a time investment – you must choose wisely, as the Grail Knight might say.

Which of these books would you like to read? Which do you think will make the best film?


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