An observation in social networking

male and femaleI will start with a disclaimer – this post is purely based on my own observations and not any hard facts or statistics. I am a member of several Facebook groups that provide a platform for writers to promote their work, which are mainly available to download as eBooks, and every day there are several such posts on the wall of each group. I have noticed, since joining a few of these groups, that about 80% of these self promotional posts are for books that would be classed as erotic fiction. [Note: statistic not necessarily accurate]

I don’t know what to attribute this to.

a)    This is the most effective way to market erotic fiction, so books of this genre are more prevalent on social media

b)   More people who have always written erotic fiction now have a better outlet for their work thanks to the rise of e-publishing. The number of books written hasn’t increased, but more are being published in this format

c)    The success of 50 Shades of Grey has led to a swathe of copycat writers who think that their novel will be just as successful

d)   Something else

This isn’t some kind of attack on erotic fiction – I’ve got nothing against it. It’s just an interesting trend that I couldn’t fail to notice, particularly when the daily stream of posts feature book covers that are images of either women in sexy underwear or the rippling muscles of a man’s torso. Basically, I’m just wondering whether the amount of erotic fiction I am seeing here is a new thing, which is taking over the traditional romance/chick-lit type books, or whether I’m just noticing it more now because of the self promotion on Facebook?

Has anyone else noticed a change in the genre of novels they see advertised?


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