Oddest Book Title of the Year

Working Class Cats.Who doesn’t love a weird book title? The Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year has announced this year’s shortlist of titles guaranteed to intrigue and encourage readers to pick one up and see what it’s all about.

  • Working Class Cats: The Bodega Cats of New York City by Chris Balsiger and Erin Canning
  • Are Trout South African? by Duncan Brown
  • How to Poo on a Date by Mats & Enzo
  • Pie-ography: Where Pie Meets Biography by Jo Packham
  • How to Pray When You’re Pissed at God by Ian Punnett
  • The Origin of Feces by David Walter-Toews

The award was originally conceived in 1978 as a way of avoiding boredom at the Frankfurt Book Festival. Previous winners include last year’s Goblinproofing Ones Chicken Coop, Cooking with Poo, and The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories.

“This year’s shortlist reveals once again that more than other literary awards—which superficially judge books on the content between the covers—The Diagram Prize taps into the zeitgeist. Working Class Cats will appeal to the great mass of people who spend their days watching cat videos on the internet when pretending to work; while the “Great British Bake-Off” contingent will be thrilled by Pie-ography’s inclusion. We also have a hard-hitting take on faith, and a look at national identity through an animal that is very tasty when sautéed in garlic butter and garnished with lemon and capers. And we have two books about poo.”

Tom Tivan, features and insight editor at The Bookseller


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