Why I write what I write

I will read (almost) anything, and enjoy a whole variety of different genres when it comes to books. My favourite books, though, have always been those that include something a little out of the ordinary. From Dean Koontz to Stephen King, from David Mitchell to Philip Pullman, from CS Lewis to Roald Dahl, from Lian Hearn to Audrey Niffenegger… So when it comes to writing my own stories, this mishmash of unusual themes and styles comes to the forefront. Call it fantasy, sci fi, magical realism, escapism, or whatever you want. It may seem obvious, but I love to write what I love to read. But why? Why do I like writing stories that break from the norm, that aren’t necessarily set in the “real” world as we know it?

  • I love to use my imagination, creating new concepts not governed by the confines of reality
  • I love the fact that anything can happen – the unexpected and unpredictable is par for the course
  • Fantasy stories often include clichés – I like to keep some and break with others
  • I love the tangled web of good versus evil, or sometimes good versus good, and I love a good villain – someone with multiple motivations who can cause absolute havoc for the protagonists in unexpected ways
  • I like to give the reader a false sense of security. The world they think they know can suddenly be turned upside down…
  • I love to set stories in vast sweeping landscapes, that can become an integral part of the story as much as any character
  • I love to lose myself in another world

Why do you love to write what you write? Or why do you love to read what you read?


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