Inspiration from lost lands

ancient forest 1Over the past few weeks, the news had been dominated by the storms and high tides that have been battering the UK. From this Welsh beach, like something out of a science fiction story, there has emerged the remains of an ancient forest, believed to be from the Bronze Age, as the coastline was washed away by the extreme weather.

This immediately inspired me to think of stories focused on the discovery of this ancient forest, and what evidence it might provide about the past (or future…). It could contain something mysterious, something never before seen or heard of, something that provides a clue to solving a long held mystery. It could be told from the point of view of one of the residents, who wakes up one morning after a stormy night only to find a forest has appeared on the beach… It could be a science fiction tale, set in the present day or in the future. It could be a fantasy story, or it could be a children’s book, in which a group of friends discover a magical lost world.
ancient forest 2The real life legends surrounding this area in Ceredigion are just as fascinating. The coastal area is supposedly the location of a lost city, Cantre’r Gwaelod, or the Sunken Hundred, which was swallowed by the sea like a Welsh Atlantis. The earliest legend says that the land was flooded when a well maiden neglected her duties and allowed the well to overflow, while a later version says it was Prince Seithenyn, who got drunk and allowed the sea to sweep through the floodgates he was in charge of.

Whatever happened, the evidence left behind is mesmerising, and makes for some good photos. What kind of story would you write about this discovery?

(Image 1 is from the Daily Mail, which has several more brilliant photos, and Image 2 is from National Geographic)


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