A week of writing

Writing to typingAs discussed previously
, next week I will be taking time out from normal life to focus on writing, interspersed only with dog walking and (a little) reading. So that means my blog posts will be taking a break too.

Having written several posts recently that focus on top writing tips from various authors, I have been able to think about how to be more productive and make the best use of this time. Some key points from these tips are about eliminating distractions, and working out the best times of day to write, while also making sure I am dedicated and stick to those times. So I have set out a timetable for what I hope to do each day, which includes reading previous chapters and planning out those remaining ones of the final part of the fantasy trilogy I am writing, with the main work of writing and editing towards the end of the week. This is just a basic breakdown of what I would ideally like to achieve – there are other things I would like to work on, but I have to be realistic, and wait and see how much time these initial tasks take.

So, this will be my last post until next weekend. See you in a week!


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