The end of the writing week

So… how did it go? My week of writing that is –  taking time out from normal life to focus on writing, interspersed only with dog walking and (a little) reading. Well, the results are mixed, which I suppose could probably have been anticipated. My aim was to get closer to finishing the third part of the trilogy I have been writing, and my problem has been the middle section of this third instalment. I needed to edit what was already written and get a better plan for those middle chapters. The ending, really, will take care of itself, and has in part already been written.
PlanningOn the negative side, I didn’t manage to stick to the daily timetable I had created. Not once. But, that only meant I ended up writing at those times which I felt more productive, and so still perhaps achieved as much as I could have done had I stuck to the timetable. I spent one day just editing, and one just reading over key chapters from parts one and two. This meant that the total number of words I actually wrote wasn’t that many (I’m finding it difficult to put a number on it, because a lot of it is interspersed in amongst already existing work). Some writers measure their productivity on number of words, but sometimes that isn’t a fair way of doing so.  Not when there are other elements to the writing process that are just as important and which can be quit time consuming. Trying to make sense of scribblings like these, for one.

But the aim of the week wasn’t to see how many words I could write, it was to properly plan that chapters I was having trouble with, edit the ones I had already written, and then start to write. Which is what I did. But I probably would have been happier if I had more time for the writing part, I’ll admit. However, another important aim for the week was to get myself out of the slump, the writer’s block, whatever you want to call it – to re-inspire myself with the characters and the story and get the momentum going. And I think I have achieved that. There’s no reason to stop now…


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