What to write next?

InspirationIs there such a thing as too much inspiration? I have found so many interesting articles lately; so many talking points and discussions, as well as notes on my own work and a plethora of books I want to recommend, I hardly know where to start. Which one to blog about first?

This “problem” also applies to my fiction writing – so many ideas, so little time. Which ones deserve my most care and attention? Which ones have the potential to become something great? In both cases, a writer must choose.

I think it all comes down to organisation. Because, really, it has always been the case that there are more things to blog about than I can keep up with. I find it helps to work out what to write and when by planning posts on a weekly basis. When I first started this blog, I worried that after a few weeks or possibly months that I would simply run out of things to say. This has not been the case at all – if anything, it has been the complete opposite. And so, like my writing of fiction, planning posts has proved more useful than I could have anticipated.

But, to start off with, I know exactly what tomorrow’s post will be about – the latest Book Club discussion.


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