Disappointing books

Wild Sheep ChaseHave you ever read a book that you had such high expectations for, but that ended up really disappointing you? I finally finished this book last night, after starting it around three months ago – considering it’s only 300 pages, I should have finished it weeks ago. But I put it down at around page 200 and had to force myself to pick it up again, having read two other books in the interim.

I love this author, so I’m not sure why I didn’t like this book, and the fact I didn’t love it makes it all the more disappointing that I spent time reading a book I found quite boring. But there is a difference between a bad book and one you simply didn’t like – I can see why other readers might enjoy it, and indeed many readers have enjoyed it, with a 3.94 rating on Goodreads. Personal taste, it seems, can be paramount when it comes to books that are actually well written.

This is quite an obscure title; one of Murakami’s earliest novels, which not many people will have read, in the grand scheme of readers. Perhaps I prefer his later work. Either way, I won’t stop reading his books. Have you read this one? What did you think? Which well written books have  you read that you were sure you would like, but left you feeling disappointed?


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