A note from abroad


My first post in quite some time – its good to have the blog up and running again, not to mention the relief I felt when I realised I hadn’t lost the entire thing. Perhaps it was that fear that in part inspired me to start posting again…? Who knows.

This is just a quick post as I am on holiday in a lovely town in Portugal. Its a bit hectic, with 6 adults and one 16 month old, but there have been a few quiet moments when I’ve managed to do some reading. I looked back on a post I wrote a couple of years ago about holiday reading, marvelling at how much things can change when you’ve got a small child in tow. Everything I wrote in the post still applies, however there’s no way I’ll be able to consume the same volume of books that I have done in previous weeks away.


So I knew would have to choose carefully which book to read, and I settled on The Passage by Justin Cronin; a title that has been on my To Read pile since 2014 (indeed I mentioned it in my last blog post, at the end of that year, as being on my Must Read list, it being one of only two books on the list that I didn’t read). Apologies if the cover image creeps you out… My Kindle tells me I’ve read 20% so far, and I’m really enjoying it. Full review to follow.

And more blog posts to follow too, when I get home.


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